Direct Marketing Module Released

I'm really proud to announce the first release of the Open ERP Direct Marketing module (DM)

The DM module allows to create, plan and manage direct marketing campaigns.

This release offers the following fonctionnalities :

* Commercial Offers :
- Create Multimedia Commercial Offers
- View a Graphicalreprsesentation of the offer steps
- C
reate offers from offer models and offer ideas

* Marketing Campaign
- Plan your Marketing Campaign and Commercial Propositions
- Generate the Retro planning (automaticaly creates all the tasks necessary to launch your campaign)
- Assign automatic prices to the items of your commercial propositions
- Auto generate the purchase orders for all the items of the campaign
- Manage Customers Fils, segments and segmentation criteria
- Create campaigns from campaign models
- Manage copywriters, brokers, dealers, addresses deduplicators an
d cleaners

The module is still in development and is available in the Extra Addons, as well as a profile module : profile_dm.

Now we are working on DTP document generation, items supplying and After-Sales Service.

A big thank to Dhara and Sofia for their great work on DM.

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